Tuesday, January 12, 2010

English Homework 12/01/10

Communication is a piece and parcel of every day life but most people take it for granted.Only some people fully understand the importance of communication.Without communication,we would not be able to express our ideas and thoughts to other people.We would not be able to give out warnings if something is amiss.But now,in the present, people have found many different & exciting ways to communicate.Personally,my favorite way to communicate would be via talking face-to-face as it is the best way to know someone's feelings and emotions while you talk to him or her.But there are different types of communication which are used in different situations such as people sms when there is an urgency to send a short message immediately so I decide on which mode of communication needed based on the situation.For example,if i was coming home late,i would sms my mother as there is not much urgency but if it is a serious situation,like there has been an accident i would call my mother.But while communicating with people has gotten easier,there would a problem with me.Whenever I talk to someone face-to-face,I tend to stammer and it poses a problem.But I get over the problem by saying what I want to say beforehand so as to "rehearse" the sentence.Communication might have made our lives easier,but one should never take communication for granted.

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