Sunday, January 24, 2010

Maths Homework-prime numbers continued textbook

Textbook Pg 9 #25:
The Prime factorisation of a number is 2^4 X 3^5 X 7^2 X 11.
Write down 3 factors of the number that are greater than 100.

To find the answer, we need to simplify the index notation further so that we get something like this:16x243x49x11=2095632
Then we multiple the factors:16x11=176
we then test this number 2095632/176=11907 this means that 176 and 11907 are a factor of 2095632 and they are more than 100
since 243 is a number more than 100, lets try it 2095632/243=8624
this proves to us that 243 and 8624 are a factor of 2095632.

The answer is 176,11907 and 243

Pg 9 #25 & textbook p9 #26
The Prime factorisation of two numbers are 2 X 3^2 X 7^3 X 13 and3 X 7^2 X 13^3 X 17 .
Write down 3 common factors of the numbers.

First we extend the index notation
Next we find the common numbers:3,7,13
Then we multiply the numbers 3x7x13=273. this is the HCF
Every number,except 0,has one common factor the no. 1.
11466 and 5490303 can be divided by 3

the answer is 273,1 and 3

Maths Homework-prime numbers textbook Pg 8 #24

Yes,I agree to the mathematician as when we add two odd numbers,we get an even number and all prime numbers,except the number 2, are odd numbers.For example:4=2+2 and 2 is a prime number or 14=7+7 and 7 is a prime number.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

12 January: Numbers as a Language

i chose the Mayan numeral system as it is very simple and i wish that 2010 would pass by without much difficulty and with much simplicity

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

English Homework 12/01/10

Communication is a piece and parcel of every day life but most people take it for granted.Only some people fully understand the importance of communication.Without communication,we would not be able to express our ideas and thoughts to other people.We would not be able to give out warnings if something is amiss.But now,in the present, people have found many different & exciting ways to communicate.Personally,my favorite way to communicate would be via talking face-to-face as it is the best way to know someone's feelings and emotions while you talk to him or her.But there are different types of communication which are used in different situations such as people sms when there is an urgency to send a short message immediately so I decide on which mode of communication needed based on the situation.For example,if i was coming home late,i would sms my mother as there is not much urgency but if it is a serious situation,like there has been an accident i would call my mother.But while communicating with people has gotten easier,there would a problem with me.Whenever I talk to someone face-to-face,I tend to stammer and it poses a problem.But I get over the problem by saying what I want to say beforehand so as to "rehearse" the sentence.Communication might have made our lives easier,but one should never take communication for granted.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Personal Reflection on the Amazing Race.

Today we had an Amazing Race at school and it was very fun.We had to go around the clementi area and do some activities at the checkpoints.Later we found out that this activity was to expand our learning networks.It was linked to our school value 'Expanding Our Learning Networks'.The value means that we expand our knowledge and get to learn over a network.This value is important as we need to learn over a larger learning network as it will help us to gain experience and more knowledge.In SST,we will learn using applied learning so, when we try to make a larger learning network,we will learn through the experience.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day two-a short summery

Today was Day two and today the activities were based on team building.There were three activities which included the longest line,a scavenger hunt and all on board.We also learnt the school values which included the value Forging Excellence.The value Forging Excellence means that we give our very best in no matter what we do.I have a few strengths which help me to achieve excellence and they include perseverance,hardworking and the ability to understanding things quickly.I think that I should spend more time thinking over things before I act as it will help me to excel in the I do.I can help to contribute to help the class succeed by doing my very best in every thing I do.

Monday, January 4, 2010

My Reflections on the Bridge Building Activity

Today I did a bridge building activity. I had a lot of fun doing the activity as I like group activities and the bridge building activity was a group effort.I had memorable experience as my team members were working equally and we made a great team.The activity was not only fun and games but it was also a learning experience for me.I learnt that I often tend to get carried away.But I will try not to get carried away in the future.There was one point where I felt fear that the bridge might fall and collapse as the structure was unstable but I knew that if we do not try,we might not complete the bridge so we did the move and the bridge did not collapse.So this was a brief description of the activity I had today.